Who is Dark Sails

Dark Sails Entertainment is a  Heavy Metal record label in Atlanta, GA.   Established in 2019 by Codye Satterwhite and Kellen Scalf, we exist to be a launching point for up and coming bands by offering full scale artist management.  

Commitment, passion, and creativity will be the winning combination needed to boost your career to the next level.   We are excited to take that journey  with you.

Have a cutting edge sound in any of these genres?  We want to hear from you! 

  • Hardcore
  • Metalcore
  • Deathcore
  • Death Metal
  • Thrash

What We Provide...

Success in the music industry goes far beyond the stage.  There are many facets to the business and too many extremely talented bands get delayed or never reach full potential . The main reason is that they struggle to balance the artistic side with the business aspect of the industry.

This is where Dark Sails Entertainment can be a game-changer for your band.  We are more than an Atlanta Heavy Metal record label.  Dark Sails is a complete artist management firm.

If we choose to work together, our team will provide the support, guidance, and legwork that most bands lack.  We provide:

  • Tour bookings
  • Live presence at shows
  • Merch sales and support
  • Quality sound recordings in our studio
  • Demos

Who are we looking for?

Ever wonder what it takes to succeed in this industry?  We know the business side, but as for you, this is what it will require for us to work together.  You have to be passionate about your art, be willing to put in the work, and be dedicated to your future.   We’ll handle the rest.

 If this is you, the Dark Sails team wants to connect.  Reach out, submit your demo, and let’s get started.

Join the Family